Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Friday, 30 Oct 2009


Year of Reckoning / October

A lot has happened in this month. Most of it has to do with my feelings more than anything. My Sweet Doll, I love her so much, she makes me feel complete all the time. She gives me the motivation to do what I do even better than before. I cannot stress enough how bless I am to have her in my life, to be given this chance to love and be loved at the same time.

I made a long-distance relationship kit for her, along with a handwriten letter filled with colouful writings. That is something I would not usually do. In fact, I have never done anything like that before šŸ™‚ . But it feels great, to be able to fully give myself to My Sweet Doll. I would do anything for her, and more.

I started touring around this month to find the Abode. I have been having one on my mind for many months, since March to be exact. It is only now that I decide to pursue it for real. The Abode is the one I have been eyeing for awhile. I plan to bring My Sweet Doll to see it next month when she is here. I hope she would be pleased with it.

As far as career goes, I think I am adjusting to it better, yet not fully. Perhaps I need more time to get used to the environment around the place. After all, I do take longer than most people to adapt to new situations. With any hard work and luck, I hope everything will be fine.

Yet, I am feeling a certain discontent, despite that almost everything is going well. Do I feel this way because everything is smooth, because deep down, subconsciously, I am afraid all this may be taken away? Or, is it pure instinct, that another challenge may come along … I just feel nervous about something.



  1. Many of people write about this topic but you wrote down really true words!

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