Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Saturday, 10 Oct 2009

Movie Review – Surrogates



I had high hopes for this aptly named movie Surrogates.  The idea that seemingly human-looking robots (or androids, for want of a better term) representing ourselves in the real world seem like an ideal solution to the current problems of the world – crime, discrimination, disability, and so forth. But it seems like that is not the message that the movie wants to portray. In fact, I am quite puzzled as to the whole point of the movie.

In the not-so-distant future it seems, 98% of the world population would utilise the use of surrogates in their daily life. The real humans would sit at home controlling their respective surrogates, from all things like talking, working, making facial expression, etc. It almost seem like an advanced gaming world. These surrogates obviously do not need toilets, they are recharged periodically, so I guess humans of these era would not have much use of public toilet.

Despite majority of the world adopting the use of surrogates, there exist a minority group bent on returning humans to the way it was before surrogates became the dominant so-called ‘addiciton’ of the human brains. They play an important part in the storyline, which I do not want to say further.

I would say the ending does pose me as much puzzle as seeing the behaviour of the main antagonist. But then, maybe it is me who does not understand science fiction movie these days. I do not know. The thought of controlling a surrogate from a comfortable chair while hardly moving for most of the time does not seem fun after a long while. But then, there were also people who used to say that computers were so complex nobody sane would use it, and we all know what happened to that.

So, go watch it, and decide for yourselves.


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