Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Friday, 25 Sep 2009


Year of Reckoning / September

It is amazing that how sometimes, no matter how difficult some things can be, humans have the ability to recover from them and come out stronger. All the heartaches, all the pain, all the sufferings that I have endured for the first part of the year have all seem to go away. And it is all thanks to My Sweet Doll, the one that has been with me through it all, even before it started.

Now, my life is turning its own new chapter, one which I am so content and happy with. My Sweet Doll, thank you very much for having me through all the pain that I have caused you. Now, you no longer have to worry about any doubt.

Year of Reckoning, it was hard for the first six moons. However, now, I am blessed with the love of someone very special. I can sense that the rest of the year might be a reckoning of goodness, perhaps for the good things that I have done.

Maybe it is balance, first six months signify reckoning of harshness, and the last six months symbolise reckoning of goodness. All is fair I suppose, if it comes to that. But then, there are still three months to the finality of this solar year. One which I hope will turn on a great scale into next year.

My Sweet Doll, I want you to be with me every step of the way. My mind, is now dedicated to you. And I will honour it in my heart to the very end. I feel so happy with you. Even though we are oceans apart, but I know you are beside me all the time. You are the one that shine my days, and warm my nights. You are the one that always make me happy, even though sometimes I worry too much 😛 . But that is only because I am so insanely happy in love with you.

Kisses and hugs.


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