Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Friday, 28 Aug 2009


Year of Reckoning / August

Continuation of my good feeling seem to have no end this month. Well, I am not saying that everything is going fine, however, artistic point aside, I feel blessed.

One sad thing about this month is that I had to leave my old workplace. I had plenty of worthwhile memories there. Five and a half year is a long time to acquire certain life experiences. I met some of the best people there, whom a few become my best friends. I acquired a mentor there as well, one who always guide me well in the ever-challenging nature of the career-world, a world I seem to always find out of my grasp.

This is also the month that my Sweet Doll and myself officially a couple. Strange to write that down actually. Honestly, I feel like we have been together for a long time. Maybe because of the understanding that we have. I went to visit her again, though this time it was a short visit. As always, I can never get enough of her. Though the trip was short, it was lovely.

I began a new career elsewhere in this month as well. It has only been two weeks, so it is still early to comment on anything. But I like it there. I can feel that this will be good for me, though it can never be easy, I reckon. Learning comes naturally to me, adaptability, not as fast. That area is where my focus would be on I guess, for the next one year or so.

Serious talks aside, I did buy some new LEGO collections, which I am certain will be documented well in the other sections of my blog. Speaking of that, I have not actually started the LEGO blog yet. Time is always an issue, but let us see, I can probably get some inspiration from photo blogs.

In a few days will be beloved sister’s birthday, coincides with the National Day. This year, we are probably not looking at some major celebration. A more smaller, for family-oriented gathering is preferred.

Perhaps the second half of the year will see this Year of Reckoning in a better light. I certainly hope so. The first half has been terrible, almost to the brink of making me just wanting to quit everything. I thought Year of Hell was hellish – well, it certainly was – however the nature of the Year of Reckoning’s challenges is certainly drastically different than other years. We shall see what next month will bring. Hope this trend continues.


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