Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Friday, 29 May 2009


Year of Reckoning / May

Recovery programme can sometimes be beneficial. Worry not, I am not undergoing any therapy. Just some good old-fashion vacationing. Beginning of the month, my best friend and among other new acquaintances went for vacation on an island.

You know me and island. I can never feel truly relax. But this is markedly different. For some reason, I could really let myself go and felt a certain calm that I have not felt in years. I even went for diving lessons, something I did not think of doing. I owe it all to my best friend for forcing me to come and even though I hesitated, but it turned out good for me.

Star Trek came out this month too, and it was more than I ever hoped it could be. Of course, I wrote a separate review on it here. The main point to highlight here is that it made me happy, the movie really exhilarated me to the point of looking back at my childhood playing with Star Trek figurines and here now, where my friends say positively about the movie, something a non-Trekkie would not do under normal circumstances.

There is another good thing that happened. I went to an event in Singapore, and this is really one of a kind. It is the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy orchestra concert. It is one thing to hear music that I love on one of my iPods, it is certainly another thing when you see about 200 extremely professional musicians play it on stage. It was truly exhilarating.

But all is not well when it comes to career. Adaptability is not my strong point, but over the years, I have compared myself to the experience of others and I would say that I fair quite well, but this is just different.

I am confronted with something that I cannot fight, or even make peace with. I am at a loss of motivation, something which has not happened in a while since a year ago. It is not something mysterious, I knew it was coming. But knowing it does not make it all the more easy to confront.

Perhaps, it is time to move on. Perhaps, my Long Vacation has come to an end. The Year of Reckoning keeps on putting me on my toes. But this month, good news and bad news seem to strike a certain balance.


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