Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Friday, 06 Feb 2009


It is a pity when a gift is rejected. The amount of time spent in silence to come up with the theme of the gift, the time spent choosing the appropriate look and feel, and the time spent to ensure that the person meant for the gift receives it. For the sender, all he wants to see is the look of happiness and joy on the receiver’s face. Yet it never come. What’s in its place is rebuttal, anger, and rage, that made the sender feel guilty.

One can say that the pain that the sender feels is so deep. To be torched about in open about something that he has planned, yet to find it unappreciated. Can one understand the pain? The pain that made him sleepless every night, the pain that made him lose muscles, the pain that causes the heart to be weak.

Does anyone know that the sender has been dreaming about the receiver for almost every night since that day they decide not to see each other again? Dreams, nightmares, maybe they’re not so different after all. It still makes the sender wakes up in the middle of the night, and could not go to sleep again. Lost his concentration, trying to look happy in public but inside, his heart is wrenching with thoughts unspoken.

It is a pity, to see someone like that. Have you ever come across any?


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