Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Wednesday, 26 Nov 2008

New Age Religion

Starting from the 70s, New Age religions come off very large. Astrologers akin it as one of the signs that the Age of Aquarius is coming or has already arrived. New Age religion exists since long ago, at least conceptually. New Age religions do not base its belief on the traditional Abrahamic religions, nor the rest of them. More of then than not, arguably, experts claim that New Age beliefs are philosophical in nature, and not to be considered a religion at all. But then, what is religion, by the way? If religion is a set of systematic belief in aiding life, then I suppose New Age religions do fall in this category.

Coming into the 20th century, belief in the Abrahamic religions dwindling, with the advent of rapid science progress. With this doubt and disbelief, people yearn for a better explanation for the things that go around them, something to fill in that emotional and spiritual void. New Age religions, in its simplicity, spiritual yet also scientific (arguable), provides just that.

Some common themes of the New Age religions include the fact that God is all that exist, one with nature, with everyone. Some variations can be different, but I am talking generally here. For this reason, there is no concept such as different religion, all of them are just variations of the same divine source.

Extremist environmentalist are sometimes considered New Age practitioners, for they believe in the life of Nature, or Gaia, as they call it. That the Earth has a soul. And everytime that humans endanger the planet, the soul of the planet can hear it in pain.

New Age religions owe their roots to many different knowledge, some of them are Astrology, Gnosticism, Wicca, these are just a few to mention. Practitioners also belief in the power of the human mind, and the occult knowledges lead them in life. Methods like Astrology, Tarot, crystal method, channeling, are widely popular among New Age practitioners.

Whether or not you tend to believe in New Age religions or not, the fact is that it is the probably the widest when it comes to support in terms of membership. Surveys conducted everywhere would normally tell that quite a huge number of population do believe in some form of occult, which is the core of New Age belief.

What is the different between a sermon, a kuliyah, as compared to journals, seminars, and books? Do they not convey teachings as well? Arguable, I know, but seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free.



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