Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008

LEGO and Me

My family used to say that I can make wonders with a LEGO set. Looking back now, I missed those times. Of course, I do not have any cravings for these small brick-based toy, but then, one does wonder about one’s childhood at times. There are very few things I could remember about my LEGO designs.

I used to have those classic LEGO set, the one that comes with multiple 2 x 4 brick size with various colours. I would turn them into various things. I made robots most of the time – Voltron was my favourite due to the varieties in colour. Space ship too, at one time, we bought huge numbers of these 2 x 4 bricks for me to desgin the starship Enterprise D. Too bad I do not have pictures to show.

When my brother was young, and I was getting a little older, we had the more specialised version of LEGO set. Pirate ship, entire towns, racing cars with motors. Of course, these are meant for my brothers, but I could not help but think of a better way to model these LEGO toys. So I made my own way and came out with many Transformers-like robots, with arms and legs and all. I think all this was helped by a LEGO module that can swing around 90 degrees, which helped a lot.

And I wonder what happened to all my LEGO set. I think we donated them to somebody, or they may still be lying somewhere. I do not know.

Now I wonder if I should dedicate a portion of my home to some of the most wonderful LEGO sets. Look at some of the photos below? I think maybe I can buy a few of these and place them inside a room somewhere in the house. Think of it like a poor man’s art gallery 😀

Trafalgar Square, London

Trafalgar Square, London

Small City

Small City

Big Lego City

Big Lego City



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