Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Tuesday, 07 Oct 2008

Equality in Intelligent Lifeforms

Humans always perceive themselves as supreme beings that govern the world. I do not oppose this idea at all, in fact, I agree on this. As the most intelligent beings on Earth, humans are destined and responsible for the survival of all other species on Earth. But this ideology also separates humans via the concept of group superiority.

Throughout history, and presently, there are many conflicts and wars raged over race, religion, or simply, different mindsets. Too many people have perished in these conflict where it never ends. It would seem that humans will never really learn what it is like to actually live in harmony and equality with one another.

I dream of a utopia where every intelligent life lives in harmony with one another, without these kinds of conflicts. When I say every ‘intelligent life’, I do not just mean humans. It involves a broader, challenged concept. One that involves other kinds of intelligent life – extraterrestrials and artificial intelligence.

This concept may seem too fictional at this point in time, but it could be an issue that will determine the survival of our race in decades and centuries to come. Even now, we might have to deal with the radical concept of accepting artificial intelligence as intelligent lifeforms who has rights like any other human being on Earth. Is the concept so alien? Long ago, humans slaves are considered not on par with other humans. That they are treated with lesser rights.

Broaden this concept to artificial intelligence rights. Are they that different from humans? To them, they might think that humans are carbon-based intelligent lifeforms, who evolves after millions of years. They are electron-based lifeforms, who are created from raw materials. Both of these lifeforms are capable of cognitive reasoning, emotional projection, decision making, etc. Are they not essentially the same?

Try to look beyond the concept of humans as being the only intelligent lifeforms and maybe you will find new truths to this matter. Please, I welcome any bright ideas to this matter in this post.


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