Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Friday, 03 Oct 2008

Long Vacation

I never thought of myself as being suited for the corporate working world. When I was in college, I always thought that I wanted to further my studies and become an academician instead. Flexible timeline, plus I can go adventuring as and when it is recquired.

Well, temptaion gives in, and also, a promise and a mission. I was told that I would meet someone who would have a great influence in my life by working at this particular place. Like a prophecy you always hear, but with a touch of curiosity. That curiosity is what started me along the path of the corporate ladder. One that I initially distaste, but grew soft on me as years the years went by.

Working has change me in a way, particularly in learning how to deal with normal people. Life before working was always on the run. It was unstable at all. I would have one advanture after another, most usually on whim and sudden basis. And I have enjoyed that rushing life since as long as I can remember. I mean, I was brought up that way, nothing harsh though, just plain strict and disciplinary, which has shaped part of my personality today.

Having a hectic life like that, I cannot help but feel that working in the corporate world has provide a certain stability to all that, with the fixed schedules and expectations. It is like going on a ‘long vacation‘. In fact, that is how I see it when I first decide to pursue the prophecy. I truly hated the corporate world at the time, but have learnt to like it over the years. But for me, it is a long vacation. I can truly say that these past 5 years I have been working, it is probably the most stable part of my life yet. No surprises, it just … is.

Well, all vacation, no matter how long, will be over. I wonder when my time would come to go back home from this long vacation. I venture it might not be too soon, or at least I hope it would not be.



  1. time is passing by so quickly..
    when i was in college there is so much time i’ve got, in one day i can do 70% activities from my schedule list, start from doing my team study for our class work, played with some friends (watching a movie or just hangout at my friends house) and gathering with my families at night (or just chatting on the phone to keep communicate with my best friend). but now….i don’t even have time to chat with them (i have a minutes but i felt so tired, i don’t have an energy to speak up my mind, too tiring to do that, i thought better i took a bath or just relaxing).
    working is a very demanding time to do, in aday i only had 20% even less to social live, in the weekend i have to giving in a pempering myself for my family (took my mother to her sisters house, accompaying my bro bought some clothes or helping cleaning the house, coz i only had weekend for them) so where is my own time? sometimes cross in my head “why peoples should wasting their time for work?” god created this univers to be enjoying, so wonderful if we can consisting with the nature not have to think a bout money “how we can live with no money”, like peoples who lives at the village, just greatful with everything they get from the nature with alovely big family…but once again, this is life..he should pass every part phase of life, i didn’t said work is so suck, i can buy anything from there, i can make my parent proud coz i can be a working women, i can spend a half of my money to help other but works eating my time too

  2. thanks for the comment, chietra. true, as we get older, the world does not seem so innocent, and we have this thing called responsibility.

    but really, sometimes there is a silver lining to it all. people primarily work to survive. you need money to survive.

    but if you have a dream that coincides with the work you do, then maybe it would not feel as bad.

    of course, i cannot really say this from experience, since the reason i work is totally different from everyone else. but i think it would still be true.

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