Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008

Video Games is Art

Anyone who knows me knows that I love video games. Not all video games though, I tend to lean towards Role-Playing Game and Real Time Strategy. But then, I have played enough variety of genres to speak about it. Rather than traditionally reviewing video games, I decide to present my idea of video games as art.

I categorise video games under Art (in my Circle of Knowledge), for various reasons. First of, how do you define Art? Most logically, art is an expression of ideas and creativity. Do you not agree that video games fall under the same category? That they are expression of ideas and creativity, but an interactive one. Unlike the traditional Art such as painting, or craftsmanship, humans are able to immerse themselves in video games. In short, they are interactive to humans. But they are designed based on the creative ideas of game designers, who, in my opinon, ar artists themselves.

But I have had my struggles as well. For a time, I thought of categorising video games under Social, seeing as how it is so much ingrained into our generation’s culture these days. We now live in an age where all the gamers of the 80s and 90s are already married. So, you could see parents playing video games with their young kids, a scene never would be seen in the 60s and 70s (at least, not in variety). But then, these video games are an ‘expression of ideas’ – deep down, it is –  and for that reason, it is an Art.

And for those who would disagree to this, consider one of the oldest traditional, that of paintings. Long ago, artist used canvas and pallettes to draw paintings. Nowadays, they are pretty much digitised and developed using computers. Would you call these works as not Art? They indeed are, they are still an ‘expression of ideas’, developed in a different method now. And they are interactive – Flash animations, anyone?

Few people know this, but the video game industry has been the most profitable entertainment industry in the world for the past few years, rivalling other forms of entertainment, such as motion picture. In the future, the border between the two may be diminished.



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