Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Tuesday, 09 Sep 2008

Mythology into Religion

Most people would group mythology as something that belong in the Occult world. But most people also know that in the old civilisations, what we now call Mythology served as a foundation for their religion, their beliefe, the very structure their society depended upon.

How does this transition happen? Where is the border between Religion and Mythology? At what point does Religion turn into Mythology? When people stop believing in them? There is a pattern of thought here at works in human minds for centuries. Paganism and Mythology used to be a very powerful drive in a society’s development. Long ago, people would consult shamans and priests on any decisions in their lives, big and small. During these times, there is no such word as Mythology.

Paganism essentially is the worship of the natural elements, which happens because people at the time were not able to describe the natural events occuring around them, such as lightning. To them, worshipping these natural events is their Religion. Over time, humans develop the concept of Godhood, this is when polytheistic Religion come along. Greek, Roman, and Norse religions are based on this, that Gods have different abilities. To them, Paganism is Mythology. Over time, this too changed. Come the advent of Abrahamic Religions, which are monotheistic in nature.

When Science became more acceptable, the concept of sekularisme kicked into human society, and separated Science and Religion. The rest is History.

Now, after reading all this, do you think Mythology should be a part of Occult or Religion? For me, Mythology is part of Religion, if only because I am seeing it from a four-dimensional point of view. That at one point of time, what we now call as Mythology is a few societies’ Religion. For that reason, Mythology deserve the respect that it is essentially, part of Religion.



  1. I’m not sure that I agree with many of the assessments that you’ve made, but I will try to be succinct in my statement of opinion. First of all, I believe that the distinction between Religion and Occult is tenuous at best–“occult” means something like “secret” or “hidden”, so I would say they’re essentially the same except that one is less widespread and perhaps grumpier because of it.
    I would also have to say that the distinction between Mythology and Science, as you describe them, is suspect, because you seem to be implying that, older and wiser as a society, we now have all of the answer, and I don’t find this attitude very helpful, or very flattering. Both the Greeks and the Christians, as well as, come to think of it, the Arabs, the Indians, the Chinese, pretty much every major civilization on the face of the planet, have made scientific advances despite, or perhaps because, of their religious and mythological views.
    I would have to move for something more like the following structure: Science is the way of seeing the way the world actually works, Religion is there to dictate the way that you should act in the world, and Mythology is ANY type of story or narrative in which either the science or the religion of a society is explained to its constituents from one generation to the next.

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