Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Saturday, 30 Aug 2008

Movie Review – Forrest Gump

Alright folks, I know this is an old title, but let me explain. For the past week, I did not watch any new movies. Yeah, sucks big time, I know. So, I thought, why not an old review instead. I venture many young people would not know this movie. It would do them good to watch it. So here we go …

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump

The first time I watched this movie was in 1996, and it was at home, through one of the cable services we had at the time. Now, if you ask me what my all-time favourite movie is, without a shadow of a doubt, it would be Forrest Gump. Of course, in some ways, I think the novel is better (novels are always better, by the way), but to see it live on screenplay is something else.

The story revolves around a man with a lower-than-average IQ and his amazing journey through life from childhood to adult. Throughout his journey, Forrest Gump met with lots of historical figures, involved with a number of historical events, and even influence popular culture – all without him even realising it.

It is in this movie that you would feel every kind of emotion there ever is – happiness, laughter, sadness, anger, despair, hope – I cannot list them all here. But watch it. At some point in every scene, you just cannot help but cry a laughter, or laugh a tear.

As usual, Tom Hanks performance as Forrest Gump is just something to admire. Every single act is done so perfectly, and every tune that accompany each scene is just perfect. You would feel so mesmerised into the movie, that you would not feel time passing by.

Up and till today, there are not many movies that come close to my heart as this one. It is truly one of the bet movies of the 20th century.


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