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Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is a very ancient and complicated branch of Astrology. It operates on the principal of an astrologer constructing a chart at the very exact place and time a question is posed to him/her.

Questions can be something as simple as “I lost my wallet. Where is it now?”. An astrologer would construct a chart at the time and place the question is asked, and interpret the chart to indicate the location of the wallet.

If you may notice, this is not all simple as it seems. I do personally believe that skills in horary astrology is one very hard to be honed. Even for me, I have close to 28 years of experience in astrology, and yet horary astrology is an area that I cannot yet fully master.

The challenge with horary astrology is that the interpretation of a chart is never direct. An astrologer would interpret a horary chart, and then interpret the interpretation to suit the said question. This is not easy and, if the astrologer is not an experienced horary astrologer, can lead to a lot of misleading conclusions. That is why horary astrologers are so few and are very, very difficult to find. William Lily is one of the few astrologers to be able to really master this ancient art. He also brought the skill back to life in western society and gave rise to its popularity nowadays.

After all, it is an ancient branch of astrology. But it is not the most complex. There are other hierarchies within astrology that baffles astrologers worldwide, and is still causing conflicts among astrologers everywhere – that is the concept of reincarnation.

As a question I would like to pose to my readers. Would you like a separate section, or pages, to just focus on Astrology? What are the topics you would be interested in?

  • Natal Astrology – study of birth charts.
  • Synastry – compatability analysis, which is very popular among couples, and families.
  • Mundane Astrology – political-related, and unrelated to people.
  • Medical Astrology – relations between astrology and medical.
  • Horary Astrology – sometimes known as instant astrology.
  • Predictive Astrology – study of how planetary aspects will affect future events.
  • Karmic Astrology – philosophical side of astrology.

Please give your opinions in this post, and I will consider them. Thank you.



  1. Synastry & Predictive Astrology ..sound interesting..can u elaborate it.

    Im always read the compatability analysis but dunno it’s under synastry…thanks for the info.i luv it..:)

  2. Thanks, Iza. I will be sure to elaborate on Synastry and Predictive Astrology in future posts.

    Compatibility analysis is always popular. I get questions about it all the time 🙂

  3. mm…what about the zodiac stones (birth stones), is it related to astrology?what do you think?

    it’s quite beneficial u know. like rutile and tiger eyes, when u wear it, u will feel the strenght and spirit it’s not totally believe it but “sometimes” it’s really effective.

    and im study of this stones and it’s very interesting. it’s useful for the soul therapy (alternative ways).u will feel the peaceful..

  4. Natal and Synastry! You haven’t looked at my chart yet.

    Iza, I like to collect these gemstones as wel and I’ve always believed in it. I wear them at diff times as certain gemstones are for certain purposes. I love my aquamarine as it calms me down.

    I just bought Jasper to add to my collection.

  5. Thanks, Iza and Bisquit. Ok, so we have (so far) – Synastry, Predictive, and Natal – with Synastry being at the top.

    The Birth Stones has a lot more to do with Astrology than people would think. Actually, a lot of this occult knowledges are inter-related. Astrology, Numerology, etc., they are all part of a great system.

    I will talk about the Birth Stones in future posts ya … and yes, I do believe they work.

  6. mm..that great Bisquit..u like the gemstones. i have one favorite shop to shopping this genuine gemstones..sorry D.O.D….i used ur blog to promote my favorite crystal stall….hehehe…sometimes sharing is caring..:b

    House Of Jue Bao ..

  7. Hm, if i may, what does D.O.D mean here? I do not mind healthy promotions, go right ahead 🙂

  8. D.O.D = Dream Of Destiny

  9. dear god, silly me … i should have known that … 🙂

  10. wesh..puasa2 jgn kutuk diri sdiri..hahaha

  11. hehe, sorry, dah terbiasa macam tu …

  12. Aww, u called me bisquit as well iza. my fav place to get mine is at a small stall at the curve. I like the lady who works at the stall.. She knows her stuffs.

  13. Bisquit, is this the place I saw you at the other day, near the CIMB ATM?

  14. Yeap. I bought my jasper that day.

  15. interesting, what colour is it?

  16. Supposedly red bcos it is called as blood jasper…but its more like brownish than red.

  17. Interesting. Do you know that at one point in time, Jasper is called the ‘rain-bringer’. It was believed that Jasper has the ability to bring rain where it is needed most.

  18. I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron. His purpose is to put people on or keep people on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment. I channel publicly weekly at the Ganesha Center in Las Vegas, NV. You can view my blog at:

    I love your blog!
    Thank you for doing what you do!


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