Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008

Mathematics, Linguistic, Music

The balance and communication provider of the knowledge area, and to talk about them is to talk about harmony. In their respective areas, mathematics, linguistic, music provides a sense of continuation, balance, and communication.

Mathematics is the logical side, and in its own way, a form of language. Language of scientists and engineers. The language of logic. One that exists to explain and tabularise the logical side of the universe we live in.

Music is the direct opposite of Mathematics, and yet highly similar. In its own way, it is also a form of language. Language for artists and musicians. A language that hardly can be written down, and has to be heard to be fully appreciated. It is more in tune with emotions and spiritual nature of the universe we live in.

Linguistic is the one that sits in the middle. Mathematics and Music being linked to some form of languages, Linguistics are the language of everyone. From it, people and societies rise and communicate with each other. More often than note, it is the language barrier that brought strangers together under a unified harmony.

I am keeping this post as short it is, just because it is the easiest to be understood as compared to the others. Simple and effective.



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