Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Sunday, 24 Aug 2008

Final Fantasy III (DS)

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III

This is not a review. I am writing this to say that my Nintendo DS has just bricked on me, and I think I need to get it repaired or buy a new one. In any case, Final Fantasy III is the sole reason I decided to purchase the Nintendo DS. I have been having a tough time prioritising Final Fantasy III over other stuffs than I am doing. Therefore, I still have not finished this great re-make of the original Final Fantasy III game.

Nevertheless, since I am writing it here, I might as well say something about the game. Graphics has never looked so good on the Nintendo DS. I totally love how Square-Enix actually put the time to develop some personalities to the four main characters in this game. They even have names this time around. The original game treated everyone the same, like dummies without name.

Final Fantasy III features the same storyline as the original one, except better. There are tonnes of side missions – some can only be unlocked by using the new Mognet feature, whereby you need to communicate with other gamers via the wi-fi. A feature I do not usually enjoy, but it is Final Fantasy, I will live with it.

The new Job System is also better than the original. 23 jobs, some better than the other. Crappy job in the original like Bard are made better this time around with more practicality. Onion Knight is a secret job this time around, with Freelancer being the default one.

There are more items added this time around, and when I look at the task recquired to have a perfect game file, I am really stressed out. I do not think I have the time for all of them. In particular, I find these tasks almost impossible to be done unless you have too much time on your hands:

  • Max all Fat Chocobo items.
  • Max experience and Gil.
  • 99 sets of Onion equipments.

The rest, I can possibly try. But you know me. I will definitely find the time, it may take years though 😦

Ah, the things you would for a favourite game 🙂



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