Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Saturday, 23 Aug 2008

Movie Review – WALL-E



I am never really a fan of animations. But I would have to say, WALL-E is kind of nice. Once again, I think Pixar proves themselves again this time, after the success of The Incredibles, Cars, and Ratatouille. What is nice about the movie is that it does a lot of impact with very little dialogue from the two main characters, WALL-E and EVE.

The producers seem to make the characters lively with their gestures, face expression, and movement. For artificial lifeforms, WALL-E and EVE sure make an impact to audiences, to me especially.

The story sets in the 28th century, where Earth is totally devastated by wastes (in the 21st century) and is not habitable. Humans have to fled Earth by living on a spaceship where all their needs are taken care of by automated robots. Earth is left to be cleaned up by robots named WALL-E. This WALL-E is the only one left after 700 years, and he has developed certain kind of personality living on his own. He collects things, has a home, and a cockroach as friend.

One day, a robot named EVE comes to Earth with a certain mission. WALL-E falls for EVE, and WALL-E follows EVE to space where a series of events happen. For fear of spoilers, I will not reveal it here, you have to see it. I would say that, in a way, the movie feels kind of romantic.

Plus, it has some hidden messages too. One, the movie has an ecological theme at its core. What would happen to humans if Earth is not habitable? And you know, I do love ecological-themed stories. Secondly, it implies certain aspects of artificial lifeforms’ individual rights. In the movie, in a way, robots are portrayed to be sentient, and treated like individuals in some way. This itself is an interesting topic to be discussed some day.

Kids would love the movie, I am pretty sure of that. Scratch that, adults would love it too.



  1. I AGREE! I totally enjoyed Wall E. It’s amazing how much interactions could exist without much of dialogue! And i liked the little robot which was cleaning up after Wall E.
    Very sound piece to share your personal preference and experience.
    Btw, it’s Pleasantville πŸ™‚ Smallville is something else.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sathish. Yeah, the little robot is kinda cute too πŸ™‚

    I do not understand your reference to Pleasantville/Smallville 😦

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