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Right-hand Knowledge

The Left-hand Knowledge deals with tangible matters that can be tested, experimented upon, seen, heard, touched, and taste. The Right-hand Knowledge are the exact opposite. They are intangible, they might not necessarily be seen or heard, they need to be felt. You need to look deep inside to see that they are even there. You eed faith to believe in them.

For S.T.E.M, there must be proof, then believe will follow. However, in O.S.A.M, it is the opposite – belief, and the proof will reveal itself.

The Right-hand Knowledge comprises the following:

  • Occult – Literally meaning “knowledge of the hidden”, occult is the study of deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical.
  • Social – Interactive interactions between people in a systemic environment that may or may not introduce stability for the growth of society within controlled or uncontrolled variables.
  • Art – The study of a wide range of activities and expressions that illuminate the senses and/or have certain importance to the mind.
  • Music – The study of sound organised in time, spanning pitch, rhythm and dynamics.

Arguably, Music is part of Art, but I disagree, and reasons would be explained in future posts. In short, Music is a for of communication of its own, having a structured form that expresses itself emotionally. These qualities complement Mathematics.

Again, what does the above mean?

  • Occult is the search for Belief.
  • Social is the impact of Occult.
  • Art is the expression of Occult, which forms basis of Social.
  • Music binds them in arbitrary cycle of illogical causal loop.

Considered Knowledge that are secondary in today’s booming technological marvels, these Knowledges are sorely underestimated. Occult, for example, is often considered trivial, or viewed as some form of entertainment.

Look at Astrology for example – it is often considered a form of entertainment, or pseudoscience, as skeptics call it. Little these people know what kind of impact it could bring, if many people were to believe in them. Actually, that is a blessing in disguise. Moving on, society seem to forget that Astrology and Astronomy (its opposite) used to come from the same source, till a few hundred years ago, where an event split it into the two domains we know today.

Having said that, it is often that O.S.A.M that keeps S.T.E.M in check, reminding them that at any point in time, there is always something unexplainable about this universe we live in. That there will always be something that will remain mysterious and unsolvable. They inspire the imagination, the depth of dreams, and the wideness of emotions – things that make humans … human.

On their own, O.S.A.M and S.T.E.M would stray along each other’s path. One goes to the left, and the other goes to the right. Something must keep them in balance. That something is the Balance Knowledge, which I will introduce in my next post. Until then.



  1. ..hi AJ!

    ..i havent had the chance to read through your latest post πŸ™‚

    ..will give some thot on it tomorrow..

    ..btw,you can add my blog link as per below:
    (hope this would be my final blog)

    ..till tomorrow!

  2. Thanks. I am going to add in another post tonight, so hoping for your comments then πŸ™‚

  3. Whenever i read ur post, i could hear your voice saying every word, the way you say it, the hand gesture, the facial expression. It is really you. That’s good.

  4. Thanks, Bisquit. Those are really wonderful description about me. Thank you, I really appreciate it. I do try to pour my heart into the writing, but not so much, otherwise, I would be writing a lot longer and nobody wants to read really longs posts.

    So, I keep it short and simple, yet long and complex. It may sound a bit paradoxical, but that is the way I like it. πŸ™‚

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