Posted by: dreamofdestiny | Sunday, 10 Aug 2008

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)

Final Fantasy XIII logo

Final Fantasy XIII logo

If you are a fan of the video game series, Final Fantasy, then you would know what I would be talking about here. I for one, could not wait for Final Fantasy XIII to be released. The thing is, Square-Enix still has not provide a firm release date. It makes me feel agitated. I am not sure if people have told you this, but ‘waiting is pain’. But then, there’s a saying – ‘good things come to those who wait’. So, I will wait.

Final Fantasy XIII is the main reason I have been holding my own purchase of the renowned Playstation 3. But then, news has it that Final Fantasy XIII will also be released for XBOX 360. If that is the case, then I do not need to buy the Playstation 3. Wait a minute, I would also need Playstation 3 to play Grand Theft Auto 4. Anyway, back to topic.

Final Fantasy XIII trailer looks impressive. The graphics are crisp, and I read the combat system is more streamed into the game – maybe kind of like in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Characters would be able to chain attacks against one another, consecutively. This takes the coveted ATB (Active Time Battle) to a whole new level. Come to think of it, sometimes I miss the old battle systems, but then, games evolve, so I must evolve along with them.

The old summons are back. So you would see Shiva, Ifrit, Carbuncle and the like make an appearance again. Summon animations are sure to be impressive, if it is anything like Final Fantasy XII, I am satisfied enough. But then, I always expect more.

Not much is known about the characters in the game. We know that the main character is a girl named Lightning – whose destiny is to destroy the whole world (why does it have to start that way? It is … very sad – as if destiny has full control over what she does). And this is cool, she would be using something similar to a gunblade. Yeah, the gunblade is back. I always think that those things are cool to have. There are also two other characters announced, one guy and another pig-tailed girl. I have to say, Square-Enix is being quite mysterious on this. Makes me agitated again.

Final Fantasy XIII is part of a big project called the Fabula Nova Crystallis. It has three parts, or three games, if you may. One is the Final Fantasy XIII, and the other two are Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Final Fantasy Agito 13. Mind you, all three games actually revolve around different storyline. I would probably talk more about the other two games in the future. For now, I just cannot wait for Final Fantasy XIII to come to our shores.



  1. Like you, I too have been holding my purchase of the PS3 but only because I only play adventure RPGs like Final Fantasy, and quite possibly ONLY Final Fantasy games, so there’s no point getting it any sooner.

    Plus I’ll need a new HDTV just to accommodate the PS3 so it’ll digging into my wallet more and more.

    My question, yes I do have one, is if you know or have heard if Sony is releasing a new version of the PS3 console just for FFXIII?

  2. thanks for the comment, delrondu. talking about hdtv, i also need to buy one. i would rather a really big one, you think 60 inches should be enough right?

    on the special ps3 console, no i have not heard any rumour on that, although i would not be surprised if sony will make one 🙂

    if i hear any news, i would post it here 🙂

  3. There’s a great anime and gaming discussion board here:

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